Everything You Need To Know About Sinus Surgery Treatment

When medical treatments fail to successfully treat chronic sinus infections, surgery for the sinuses may be the only option left.

The surgery is carried out by the ENT surgeon to enlarge the sinus holes so that they can drain. This technique enhances sinus function while lowering the risk of infection.

Minimally invasive sinus surgery is frequently done as an outpatient procedure. There are several sinus surgeries.

Kinds of Sinus Surgery

There are numerous kinds of Sinus Surgeries.

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery: Patients with chronic sinus infections may need to have this minimally invasive operation. For a clear view of the damaged region and to do restorative surgery, the surgeon uses a fiber optic scope and CT scanning. However, in more challenging situations, surgeons might need to use a CT-guided imaging system.

Balloon Sinuplasty: This is a less invasive method of treating sinusitis. Medical professionals use an endoscope and catheter to insert a tiny balloon into your nose. To widen the sinus tube, they inflate the balloon.

Caldwell Luc Surgery: When more conventional methods have not been successful in treating your sinus symptoms, healthcare professionals may perform this procedure. To allow mucus to flow from your sinus cavities, surgeons create a new passage from your maxillary sinus, the sinus cavity behind your cheek, to your nose during this procedure.

Endoscopic sinus surgery: This involves looking via a microscope at the sinus apertures to remove any obstructive or atypical growths or tissues.

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