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patient testimonial by Story of an Uzbekistanian who underwent Cardiac Bypass Surgery done
Story of an Uzbekistanian who underwent Cardiac Bypass Surgery done

For our family, my father’s congestive heart disease was a frightening experience as we were not sure of his chances of survival. We had no access to insurance and hence the cost of top USA doctors and hospitals was simply unaffordable to us. Time was running out for us and finding out a reliable treatment within our costs had become our main objective. We surfed the internet and found that most of the highly experienced heart disease doctors and treatments were beyond our reach, while other less costly options were not preferable due to lack of experienced doctors and medical facilities. Then, fortunately for us, we came to know about this website, and we found that the facilities for congestive heart disease treatments were top-class what surprises us the most was the cost of the treatment, and it shocked us that the cost included everything – right from arriving in India, traveling for the treatment, and staying one person who could stay with my father in the hospital until the treatment was over. 

I experienced no hassles as a case manager who had taken care of our air tickets, visa, passport, etc. Coming to the airport, we were directly rushed to the hospital where they had already kept a room booked and all the formalities about the admission of my father were promptly completed. This immediately made us comfortable. We came to know that the heart surgeon was in fact, USA-trained and highly qualified for the surgery. Once the doctors finished with the necessary tests, they prepared my father for surgery. The doctors explained in a very friendly way to us every treatment step to our satisfaction. 

After the surgery, we had to stay back in India as doctors want to make sure that everything was fine with my father post-surgery. My father is now doing very well and is healthy, thanks to Mohammad Afzal and the heart surgeons and all those kind and helping people. You certainly made this surgery possible for us.

patient testimonial by Story of Gulistan Fadhil who came to India for Kidney Transplant
Story of Gulistan Fadhil who came to India for Kidney Transplant

I am writing to thank all those who helped me during my stay in India for successful kidney transplant surgery. Today, I am in excellent health condition and my kidneys functioning well. Nevertheless, I must thank to Marlin Medical Assistance for making my trip to India and the treatment in the hospital so comfortable and convenient. I was suffering from severe kidney failure and this was causing damage to my family emotionally and financially. When we contacted the website, everything fell into place for us as they sorted out all matters for us within a few hours. They asked us to send the reports via email for the opinions of top doctors. Then they told us about kidney replacement and its costs, which were affordable to us. The website people took us every care from arriving at the airport to the last day of our stay in India and the hospital. I am back in my country, thanking you for your great services and doctors.

patient testimonial by Mr. Tolkien, Uzbekistan, who underwent deep brain stimulation surgery
Mr. Tolkien, Uzbekistan, who underwent deep brain stimulation surgery

I was advised by doctors in Uzbekistan to have deep brain stimulation surgery to implant a brain pacemaker so that specific parts of my brain can receive the signals. This was necessary to avoid brain disorders as the pacemaker can control brain activity. However, for me a worry some factor was that the medical facility for such a crucial surgery in my country was not available and the costs were already too high.

Fortunately, I came across this website Marlin Medical Assistance and they helped me out. Just as I submitted an online form at their website, everything went on smoothly for me. I emailed my medical history and top doctors agreed to put me under surgery. The website told me about the unbelievably low costs of the surgery. The site people arranged for my visa and formalities and came to the airport to receive me. They made my stay at the hospital entirely comfortable and the surgeons were top-class. I am now extremely fine and enjoying life. Please accept my many thanks for such affordable global medical facilities.

patient testimonial by Mr. Ed Hamlet, USA, Neurosurgery Treatment
Mr. Ed Hamlet, USA, Neurosurgery Treatment

I had some disorders, which had an impact on my nervous system, and doctors advised me to go for neurosurgery treatment. However, while the standards of surgery here in the USA are great, the huge costs of surgery were an issue for me. My good luck was that I was told by one of my friends about the website Marlin Medical Assistance and surprisingly everything was so convenient thereafter for me. I submitted my medical history documents and got an opinion from top Indian doctors. The website came up with unbelievably very cheap costs for the such highly skilled job of surgeons. 

I must thank the website people who handle the documents that allow me to visit India for treatment and received me right at the airport. My stay at the hospital during the surgery period was extremely comfortable and the staff took great care of me.

I have regained my health and am in great physical and mental shape and enjoying life since the surgery. My many thanks to the surgeons and great staff people at the hospital.

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