Everything You Need To Know About Liver Cancer Treatment

Like many kinds of cancer, healthcare providers can do more to treat liver cancer during the disease’s early stage. Unlike many kinds of cancer, healthcare providers have a good idea of what increases someone’s risk of developing liver cancer. With that in mind, healthcare providers are intent on identifying who may be at increased risk so they can catch and treat primary liver cancer as early as possible.

Healthcare professionals can do more to treat liver cancer in its early stages, similar to how they can treat many other types of cancer. Healthcare professionals are very aware of what raises a person's chance of acquiring liver cancer, unlike many other types of cancer.

Primary liver cancer comes in three different forms:

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC): With almost all occurrences of liver cancer falling under this category, it is the most prevalent kind.

Intrahepatic cancer (IHC): Cholangiocarcinoma's subtype, is a liver cancer. IHC is bile duct carcinoma in the liver. It accounts for 10% to 20% of all instances of primary liver cancer.

Angiosarcoma: Only 1% of primary liver cancer cases are of this extremely uncommon form. This cancer develops in the liver's blood cell lining. (Other organs may potentially be impacted by angiosarcoma).


The following procedures are used to treat liver cancer:


Surgery to remove the tumor: If your tumor is tiny and your liver function is excellent, your doctor may in certain cases advise a procedure to remove the liver cancer and a small part of the healthy liver tissue that surrounds it.

Liver transplant surgery: Your sick liver is removed during a liver transplant procedure, and it is then replaced with a healthy liver from a donor. Only a limited number of persons with early-stage liver cancer have the option of undergoing liver transplant surgery.

Radiation Therapy

This therapy shrinks tumors by destroying cancer cells with a powerful energy from sources like protons and X-rays. The energy is carefully directed toward the liver while the surrounding healthy tissue is spared.

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