Everything You Need To Know About Ileostomy Treatment

The stoma lacks a valve and a shut-off muscle in contrast to the anus. This implies that you won't be able to regulate how much stool the stoma passes. The stoma itself does not cause pain or discomfort since there are no nerve endings there.

The colon, which is the largest portion of the large intestine, and the rectum, which is the lowest portion of the large intestine and where produced feces are stored until they are expelled from the body through the anus, are frequently removed during this procedure (this is called a colectomy). This indicates that the colon and rectum no longer work as they once did. The colon and rectum may occasionally only be partially removed.

What is the purpose of an ileostomy?

Waste no longer exits the body through the rectum and anus if the colon and rectum are removed or bypassed. Now, the stoma is where the body's digestive contents exit. A pouch that adheres to the skin surrounding the stoma collects the drainage. The bag is fitted for you. It is always worn and may be emptied as necessary.

Depending on your diet, medications, and other variables, the output from your ileostomy will range from liquid to pasty. You must empty the pouch 5 to 8 times each day because the output is consistent.

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