Terms and Conditions

The company website and its corresponding application is a certified medical tourism site, following all the cyber laws of the country. By accessing our website or using any of our services, you are agreeing to the below-mentioned terms and conditions, including all the modifications in the future and the supplementary guidelines. We can terminate, remove or change any services from these terms and conditions section and our website without any prior notice of changing them. So check the terms and conditions carefully before proceeding further.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. We are one of the leading and reputed medical tourism organizations that offer all our customers the best possible information about hospitals, doctors, airlines, medical procedures, and transportation. However, we always recommend all our customers thoroughly inquire about the process to ignore any confusion or perplexity later. Our company is not accountable for any changes or delays in medical procedures due to unavoidable situations. We also do not take any responsibility for any injury, loss, or damage while visiting the medical trip booked through us. Your safety should always be in your hands, as you cannot blame us for any human error that our staff has not noticed before. 
  2. The company reserves the right to deny any sole discretion or user access to any portion without notice. 
  1. No waiver provision by the company of the Terms and conditions shall bind except outlined in writing and signed by the authorized representative.
  2. The user will agree not to upload the content that is:
  • Negligently or deliberately untrue
  • Contains threatening, offensive, coercive, belligerent, vulgar, pornographic, abusive, inflammatory, defamatory, obscene, glorifying violence, sexually explicit, pornographic, and objectionable content
  • Promotes illegal activity, racism, masses incitement, hatred, or bigotry
  • Infringes or violates any applicable law
  • Contains corrupted data or other harmful, destructive, or disruptive files
  • Relevant segment of the website where it should get posted.
  • Containing similar or unauthorized characteristic, capable of interrupting the foreign data processing installations or equipment in specific computers
  1. You are granting the company full rights to modify, add or remove any content with no notice and explanations.
  2. The user will not assemble, publish or collect any other data from the service provider or other users.

 Healthcare Packages

  • The customer will accept and appreciate that our company is a mediator and facilitator between them and the hospitals or the healthcare service provider. We have offered various packages on the ailment or treatment of the customer on our website.
  • The deals or offers mentioned on our website after taking full consent from the hospitals or health care providers.
  • The customer agrees that the ultimate decision of procedure conduction is fully dependent on the conclusions of the healthcare provider. It is done after customers’ physical examination and recognizing their medical conditions.
  • If the above procedure is not executed by the health care provider or hospitals, our company will completely refund the required amount to the customer after taking away the examination and consultation fees.
  • The customer is in consent with the company to cover any dispute, claim, or damages.

 Communication Guidelines

  • On transactions with our company website, you will receive an email and/or WhatsApp message for the receipt to your inbox regarding the status.
  • The customer will receive an Email and/or WhatsApp message for the bookings and cancellations. But if you do not receive any message from our company, please inform us.
  • We will inform you about changes in surgery schedules and cancellation before you travel form your country. But our company will not be responsible for offering any information about the changes in the schedules, status of the medical procedures, and cancellation at the hospital.
  • Marlin Medical Assistance is not liable to provide information about any change in status of airline.

Financial Guidelines

  • Bookings made through our application or website by the user get confirmed by making the payment through the secured gateway set up on the company website or application.
  • User includes the alternative for paying directly to the service providers with the information to the company regarding the fees paid.
  • The company acts as a restricted sole payment collective agent. The payment is agreed upon by the service providers, the company shall get routed to the respective company service providers.

Hikes in Tariffs & Taxes

We inform you on a prior basis after finalizing the medical package costs, for any changes in the surgery plan, medical complications, and other services after visiting the hospital, you can be charged extra.

If the government revises some taxes on surgery/ travel services, clients are liable to pay that extra amount.

Cancellation Guidelines

Free cancellation before 24 hours of the actual schedule of surgery after deduction of bank transaction charges.

Our company processes the refunds as soon as possible after receiving the cancellation request. In case of direct hospital cancellations because of numerous reasons, the refund process is initiated after the investigation and hotel deduction charges along with the service fees of our organization. All refunds to the customer are subjected to the processing method by the hospital and hotel. But remember, the convenience fee deducted during the booking of hospitals and hotels is non-refundable. 

Refund Guidelines

Our company initiates the refund procedure when we will get a cancellation claim or request from the corporate organization, client, or travel partners, notified via email, or cancel my booking segment.

All the refunds for the cancellation of the medical packages will directly get credited in the customer payment mode through which they have paid the money before.

The process commences when the hospital returns the amount if the surgery gets canceled due to issues related to medical fitness.

Marlin Medical Assistance will pay back the entire sum of money to the customer within three days when the related hospital, transporter, hotel, or supplier will pay back the amount to it.

However, in the case of transactions in net banking, it might take 7 to 10 business working days to get the money credited to your account. 

Visa Guidelines

Marlin Medical Assistance will help to get a visa by providing legal documents/ VIL to get a visa fast. For documents, please share a Photocopy of the Passport for the patient and/or attendant along with the doctor’s prescription.

You have to carry the approved visa for the particular country, transiting or visiting for the treatment. You need to check out the relevant embassy and airline for the correct visa requirements. All the international medical trip bookings done through our company are subjective to visa requirements and are not limited to the transit visa. We are not responsible for any problems related to traveling limitations and return the money to the customer due to cancellation of the booking because of denial or absence of visa after deduction of service fee. Refund, if any, will be as per the guideline of cancellation and refund policy.

Trademark and Copyright

Contents, products, and services displayed on the website are the property of the company. Any trademark product and services use, and unauthorized copy with no concern will get considered as strict and larceny actions against the concerned organization, company, or person.

Our company website gives you the restricted right to explore, transact, enter and use it. You will not misuse the materials and interrupt the site operation in anyways. You cannot endorse other information, services, or products in any other way. We also do not guarantee any type of file available for download on our website is free from viruses. 

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