Privacy Policy

Being one of the leading medical tourism organizations, our company always values the customers’ privacy. We ensure the protection and security of personal information and data. We gather, use, process and store the individual information given by the customers while accessing our website. By accessing and using our website, the customers give consent to the previous stipulations in the policy. You should read these guidelines carefully before accessing and using the website, as we hold no responsibility if there is any discretion while visiting it.


Some of the web pages of our site serve the customer better and offer them personalized information from us. Cookies help the website to identify your preferences to smooth your upcoming visiting progress. Information that we collect from our customers is only to improve and analyze the services for you. No information relevant to the individual identity is used or collected in this procedure.

Personal Data 

We gather personal information like name, email address, phone number, and location provided by the customer. Our website also collects special personal information on this platform, including medical condition, sexual orientation or sex life, and health. You should note that just for visiting or browsing through the website, you do not have to offer the above information. However, you have to provide the details during account registration, making an opinion, or inquiry on this platform. It is also necessary whenever you subscribe to our newsletter or email communications. We also store personal details while participating in sweepstakes, promotions, surveys, and contests. If you select not to use the personal information, we cannot offer the required services to you, and the platform might become restricted.

Sensitive information security

Secured information like debit or credit card numbers and net banking data are primarily gathered by the banks and the payment gateways and not by our websites. However, if any data related to this gets stored on our website, it remains completely safe and unshared with us. 

Audio, Video, and Chat Recording

To improve the visitors' experience and to improve the overall conversational quality between the service provider, customer, and us, we keep all the records of the video and voice calls and chats. The primary purpose of saving this data is to enhance the conversational quality and is used only for internal purposes. 

Different Other Technologies

We also implement pixel tags, web beacons, and various other advanced technologies on our website to customize the platform and improve the experience. A pixel tag or a web beacon is an embedded image or a small object present in an email or a website. We track the total number of users who have visited the website, viewed the emails, and gather other statistical data. They collect the restricted information, like a cookie number, web page or email description, and the date and time. You cannot decline them, but you can limit their usage by managing the cookies through interacting with them.

The privacy policy of our company might alter due to unforeseen situations and technology improvement. To get hold of our new privacy policy, keep checking our official website regularly. 

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