Patient’s Voice

Mr. Kasimov Abdulgani, Uzbekistan Cardiac Bypass Surgery

For our family, my father’s congestive heart disease was a frightening experience as we were not sure of his chances of survival. We had no access to insurance and hence the cost of top USA doctors and hospitals was simply unaffordable to us. Time was running out for us and finding out a reliable treatment within our costs had become our main objective. We surfed the internet and found that most of the highly experienced heart disease doctors and treatments were beyond our reach, while others less costly options were not preferable due to lack of experienced doctors and medical facilities. Then, fortunately for us, we came to know about this website Marlin Safe Med Journey (MSMJ) and we found that the facilities for congestive heart disease treatments were top class and what surprises us the most was that the cost of the treatment. 

So, we started the process by contacting the website. A friendly voice on phone requested us to fill an online form with requisite details, which we promptly sent to them and gave a brief description of my father’s medical condition and our estimated cost. After few hours passed, we were asked to email them medical reports for opinion from India’s heart specialists. Soon, we got the news from them that they will treat my father and the cost they told was unbelievably cheap. What surprised and shocked me was that the cost included everything – right from arriving in India, traveling for the treatment, staying and one person could stay with my father in the hospital until the treatment was over. 

I experienced no hassles as a case manager had taken care of our air tickets, visa, passport etc. At the airport, the website people received us, eliminating the worries of finding out the hospital location etc. we were directly rushed to the hospital where they had already kept a room booked and all the formalities about admission of my father were promptly completed. This immediately made us comfortable. We came to know that the heart surgeon was in fact, was USA-trained and highly qualified for the surgery. Once the doctors finished with necessary tests, they prepared my father for surgery. The doctors explained in a very friendly way to us every treatment step to our satisfaction. 

After the surgery, we had to stay back in India as doctors want to make sure that everything was fine with my father post surgery. My father is now doing very well and is healthy, thanks to the MSMJ and the heart surgeons and all those kind and helping people. You certainly made this surgery possible for us.

Mrs. Gulistan Fadhil, Iraq, Kidney Transplant Surgery

This I am writing to thank all those who so helped me during my stay in India for successful kidney transplant surgery. Today, I am in excellent healthy condition and my kidneys functioning well. Nevertheless, I must thank to the Marlin Safe Med Journey for making my trip to India and the treatment in the hospital so comfortable and convenient. I was suffering from sever kidney failure and this was causing damages to my family emotionally and financially. When we contacted the website, everything fell in place for us as they sorted out all matters for us within few hours. They asked us to send the reports via email for opinion of top doctors. Then they told us about the kidney replacement and its costs, which was affordable to us. The website people took our every care from arriving at the airport to the last day of our stay in India and the hospital. I am back in my country, thanking you for your great services and doctors.

Thomas Otabek, Canada, Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Please accept my sincere thanks to the people at Marlin Safe Med Journey for ensuring that my stay in India for total knee replacement surgery was entirely comfortable. These people took every care of me from arriving at the airport to treatment in the hospital. I spent close to 15 days in the hospital and have many great things to say about the medical facilities available to people like me in Indian hospitals with top doctors and surgeon attending the patients. 

Cost of my total knee replacement surgery was amazingly low when I saw the global standards of the surgery and medical facilities. I once again thanks to the surgeon and the people responsible for fulfilling my daily requirements.

Mr. Feasible Adebayo, Nigeria, Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery

Many thanks to the Indian surgeons for treating my brother so well in relieving him from sever back pain. I write this on behalf of my brother to share my fabulous experience during our stay in India and global standards of medical facilities and treatments. I am especially thankful to the website Marlin Safe Med Journey for making our tour hasslefree and extremely comfortable. 

My brother needed a spinal disc surgery as was advised by local doctors in my country. However, lack of good hospital in Nigeria worried us a lot. When I searched Internet, I came to know about this website and to my surprise the cost of surgery in India were dirt cheap when compared to the huge costs here in Nigeria. All I did to get access to the best minimal invasive spine surgery for my brother in India was to fill a form on the website and email his medical documents to the site. Soon, a case manager from the website took charge of my trip to India and arranged everything that is required for such treatments. The website case manager had already told us very kindly about the total package of treatment that included food, stay costs etc. Right from receiving us at the airport to stay in hospital was an excellent experience. The surgery went on as per the schedule with everything accomplished so smoothly. 

My brother is now fine and he has fully recovered. I must say that all those seeking excellent treatments at affordable costs should opt for hospitals in India.

Mr. Tulkeen, Uzbekistan, Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

I was advised by doctors in Uzbekistan to have a deep brain stimulation surgery to implant brain pacemaker so that specific parts of my brain can receive the signals. This was necessary to avoid brain disorder as the pacemaker can control the brain activity. However, for me a worry some factor was that the medical facility for such a crucial surgery in my country was not available and the costs were already too high.

Fortunately, I cam across this website Marlin Safe Med Journey and they helped me out. Just as I submitted an online form at their website, everything went on smoothly for me. I emailed my medical history and top doctors agreed to put me under the surgery. The website told me about the unbelievably low costs of the surgery. The site people arranged for my visa and formalities and came to airport to receive me. They made my stay at the hospital entirely comfortable and the surgeons were top class. I am now extremely fine and enjoying life. Please accept my many thanks for such affordable global medical facilities.

Mr. Ed Hamlet, USA, neurosurgery treatment

I had some disorders, which had impact on my nervous system, and doctors advised me to go for neurosurgery treatment. However, while standards of surgery here in USA great, for me, the huge costs of surgery was the issue. My good luck that I was told by one of my friends about the website Marlin Safe Med Journey and surprisingly everything was so convenient thereafter for me. I submitted my medical history documents and got opinion from top Indian doctors. The website came up with unbelievable very cheap costs for such highly skilled job of surgeons. 

I must thank to the website people who handle very documents that allow me to visit India for treatment and they received me right at the airport. My stay at the hospital during the surgery period was extremely comfortable and the staff took a great care of me. 

I have gained back my health and I am in great physical and mental shape and enjoying life since the surgery. My many thanks to the surgeons and great staff people at the hospital.

“Obeses Iraqi woman undergoes rare knee surgery” What a title!

I am a 68-year-old woman from Baghdad (the capital of Iraq). I was suffering from difficulty in walking
and severe back pain. The reason was overweight, On Jan 30, 2019 my BMI (Body Mass Index) was 44.5,
now you can think how much my weight was at that time, it was 100kg. From the past 15-20 years, my
knees are painful due to bad deformity of joint laxity, knee joints, and weak bones. In these types of
cases, excess weight exerted extra pressure on knees and hips and can cause deterioration of the joint

At that time I need someone who can cure my disease because I was not able to walk or stand for more
than five minutes. I was searching for a good hospital and in the end, I came to India for my treatment. I
went to Metro Heart Institute and the doctor said I was at Stage 4 where patients experience discomfort
and pain in moving their joints. The medical aid each BMI unit increases the chances of cartilage loss by

According to doctors, I was not in favorable condition because with such high BMI, total knee
Arthroplasty was impossible for me but to ensure the benefits the medical experts used a mobile-
bearing joint that can last up to many years approx 20-25 years.

In the end, I underwent a successful rare bilateral total knee replacement and now everyone knows me
by the title “Obeses Iraqi woman undergoes rare knee surgery”. All thanks to Metro hospital that did a
miracle in fixing the knee joints. Now my both legs are straight and fine with full movement in knee
joints and yes it is true today I can walk easily. I have a special place in my heart for this hospital and I
would recommend everyone to visit this hospital who is suffering from same problem.

Retinoblastoma had changed my son's life but Indian doctors saved from other damage: Mr Yusuf Iraq

My name is Yusuf hailed from Iraq and I am 40 years old. I have a son name Salman Iraq, He is 6 years
old now. But when he was six weeks old he was diagnosed with the eye cancer retinoblastoma and
within a month his eye was removed. When he was three weeks old I noticed something wasn’t right
with his left eye but I couldn’t see that but eventually we figure out there is something wrong with my
son's eye. We met a doctor and she told us about the long term effects of retinoblastoma.

It is a type of eye cancer that affects the retina- the inner layer of the eye. Normally the nerve cells
sense light in retina and send images to the brain and allow us to see but retinoblastoma causes tumors
when the nerve cells grow out of control and the brain cannot communicate with the eye as it should.
This disease mostly happens in children younger than 2 years as my son. This disease retinoblastoma
had changed my son’s life but Indian doctors saved from other damage when I visited India for the

I took my son to Artemis hospital-one of the best eye cancer hospital. The ophthalmologist (an eye
doctor for children) and oncologist (a children’s cancer doctor) worked together as a team to treat my
child. They make a care plan based on the tumor and tried to get rid of cancer. The treatment they did
had changed my son’s life and they even focus on the side effects that can cause after treatment. I am
very thankful to this hospital that saved my son’s life. I would recommend every parent to go in this
hospital for regular checkups because retinoblastoma is life changing but it doesn’t have to be a life
sentence. Unfortunately doctors didn’t save the eye of my son and now he is going to blind school. I am
happy to see this. From no hope to real result.

A critical bone grafting procedure done at Fortis Hospitals gives new lease of life to young Yemeni patient, who could not walk because of a bullet injury

For six months, young Mr. Abd-El – Kader was confined to the four walls of his house and the future looked bleak for him. Seriously injured in a gunfight, life seemed to have come to a grinding halt for the 28-year-old young man from Yemen, as his leg was badly wounded and he was not able to walk.

When treatment in his home country did not yield satisfactory results his family brought him to Bangalore. A high advanced limb reconstruction surgery is done by expert orthopaedic surgeons at Fortis Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road. Bangalore, India has ultimately put him on the road to recovery.


Mr. Abd-El – Kader had been involved in a fierce gun battle back in his home town and he was shot in his lower leg by many rounds of bullets, which severely defiled his tissues and limb bone making him immobile. He was given treatment in Yemen but the doctors there were not able to extract the pellets entered deep into his bones and could not reconstruct the bone that he had lost when he was injured in the fight. His family was at wit’s end as they could not fathom how to help the young man so that he could stand on his own feet and get back to normal. The only solution seemed to be amputation of the lower leg, which would have been quite traumatic.

That was the time when one of his friends who had been graduating in Bangalore, told him to come to India to get treatment. This friend of alwi’s had undergone a complicated operation of his leg some time ago at Fortis Hospitals in Bangalore and had endowed much relief, so he suggested that Alwi should also consult doctors at the hospital for his predicament.

So Abd-El – Kader travelled to India and consulted Dr. Narayan Hulse at Fortis, who conducted adetailed evaluation and recommended limb reconstruction through bone grafting surgery.

“The patient came to us with many pellets still jabbed to his lower leg and he was not able to walk. There was a lot of ammunition and gun powder still submitted inside his leg. A lot of his tissues were also damaged and about 15cm of his bone chunk into pieces because of the injury and since it had happened six months ago, his condition had worsened. We made a detection of segmental bone loss with retained foreign body and suggested reconstruction surgery to save his limbs.


The 28-year-old was employed upon by a team of orthopaedic surgeons led by Dr Hulse who recovered the damaged lower limb through a bone grafting procedure. Bone grafting is a surgical process that restore missing bone to repair extremely complicated bone fractures. Bone generally can regenerate completely but requires a very small fracture space or some sort of scaffold to do so.
“The surgery involved grafting of the lower leg using massive bone graft and then bracing the leg with certain external filaments that would hold the bone together till it healed completely. We used the patient’s bone from the same leg called fibula and the iliac crest (bone around waist area). This helps to bridge the bone gap and strengthen the bone with the help of the patient’s bone. It was a highly complex and challenging surgery took about four hours,” Dr. Hulse explained.

The patient has recovered well and his wounds healed in 10 days. Now he is a happy man, as he was mobilized within four days. He will be able to walk usually in about three months when the grafted bone fixes and consolidates together with his limb bone.

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