Penile Implant Surgery Treatments in India

Penile Implant Surgery Treatments in India

Penile implants are devices that are placed inside the penis. They work best for individuals where other necessary treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) do not provide the desired results. Penile implants are available in semirigid and inflatable types. These implants are utilized as per the advice of the penile implant surgeons and the patients’ respective cases. Semirigid rods are firm, and the normal functioning of the penis is not hampered in any manner. The segments of this device comprise springs at each of the ends. Inflatable implants are the most common type of penile implant surgery in Delhi. Penile implant surgery cost in India starts from 1 lakh per procedure and varies after considering several factors. Patients must consider having an open discussion about penile implant costs at the penile implant center. This will help them have transparency regarding several aspects associated with the surgery.

How does a penile implant work?

Each of the penile implant types works uniquely and serves the purpose of the procedure. In the case of inflatable penile implants, two cylinders are taken. These are mainly the reservoir and pump. The reservoir is placed below the lower abdominal muscles. The pump is placed below the loose skin of the scrotal sac that is present between the testicles. On pressing the pump, the prosthesis gets inflated. One need not worry as it does not cause pressure on the testicles. This makes the penile implant work without hampering the health of the patient. Several patients have found penile implant surgery in India highly beneficial for them.

Penile implant success rates:

Penile implant surgery in India has high success rates and provided the best results to the respective patients. Penile implant failure has significantly reduced over the years with the growing experience of penile implant surgeons. These specialists perform the best penile implant surgery in India. You can also check out some of the real penile implant reviews for receiving clarity concerning the procedure. Penile cancer is increasing in the current times. The most effective penile cancer treatments include medications, cryotherapy, Mohs surgery, Laser surgery, and Circumcision.

Thus, penile implant procedures are highly beneficial in treating impotency issues in men and bringing back their normal life as before. So, it is highly recommended to consult an experienced penile implant surgeon and then move ahead with the respective procedure as suggested by the surgeon.

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