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Heart Valve Surgery: What you need to know

Heart Valve Surgery: What you need to know

In heart valve surgery, the damaged or unhealthy heart valve or valves are repaired or replaced. Heart valves can be repaired or replaced surgically using a variety of techniques, such as open heart surgery or minimally invasive heart surgery.

The kind of heart valve surgery required will depend on your age, general health, and the kind and degree of your heart valve condition, among other things.

Why is heart valve surgery done?

To treat heart valve disease, heart valve surgery is performed. Heart valve issues can be divided into two categories:

  • Tightening of a valve (stenosis).
  • A valve leak that causes reverse blood flow (regurgitation).

If your heart valve disease is impairing your heart's capacity to pump blood, you may require heart valve surgery.

Your doctor could advise frequent monitoring of the heart valve disease if you don't have any symptoms or signs of it or if your condition is minor. Symptom management may be aided by medication and lifestyle modifications.

Sometimes, even in the absence of symptoms, physicians will advise heart valve surgery. Doctors may do cardiac surgery for another problem while also replacing or repairing your heart valves. Your doctor and you should talk about whether you are a candidate for heart valve surgery and whether minimally invasive heart surgery is a possibility.

Your valve can eventually require repair or replacement. Even if you do not have symptoms in some circumstances, doctors may advise heart valve repair or replacement. The damaged heart valve may be repaired or replaced at the same time as the heart surgery you require for another problem.

Your doctor will talk to you about whether a heart valve replacement or repair is better for your situation. As it retains your heart valve and could preserve heart function, doctors frequently advise heart valve repair when it is possible. The best course of action, however, is sometimes valve replacement.

Additionally, doctors may determine whether you are a candidate for minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Your physician will go over the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure.

Choose a medical facility that has conducted several heart valve procedures if you require heart valve surgery.

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