Colostomy Treatment in India

Colostomy Treatment in India

A colostomy is a procedure in which the surgeon brings out the large intestine’s one end via the abdominal wall’s route. Here, the colon’s one end is diverted via an incision created in the abdominal wall. This leads to the formation of a colostomy stoma. Colostomy surgery is performed due to the problems created concerning to the lower bowel. In some cases, colostomy is also known as bowel diversion therapy. The cases in which this procedure is performed include blockage, colorectal cancer, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and colonic polyps.

The doctor recommends that the patient undergo certain tests to validate the procedure requirements in the respective case. The patient needs to provide complete information regarding past surgeries undergone in the past, along with the currently prescribed medications. This helps in better understanding, and required changes can be made for improving the results of the colostomy procedure. Also, the patient will have to follow a fast for 12 hours before the surgery gets started. Medications are prescribed to the patient for cleansing the bowel.

Colostomy reversal surgery is also known as colostomy takedown. This procedure is carried out only when the patient has recovered from the effects of the earlier procedure. The requirement of the colostomy reversal can be put on hold based on the requirement of the patient’s case. Also, the doctor’s advice will play a crucial role in undergoing the reversal of colostomy. The recovery period is around 6 to 8 weeks and this can be more depending on the health of the patient. The success rate of the procedure is more than 80 percent in patients below 50 years of age.

Thus, the colostomy procedure is useful for patients with colon-related problems when opted for under the guidance of expert surgeons. Consulting a doctor at the right point in time helps in preventing the severing of the patient’s condition. It is important to ask the doctor to understand the requirement of a procedure and the different aspects associated with the same for smooth progression of the colostomy surgery.

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