Nose Job surgery in india

Nose-Job-RhinoplastyNose job, also known as rhinoplasty, is a plastic surgery that corrects and helps in reconstructing the nose. This procedure serves two purposes for the respective individual who has opted for the procedure. In some cases, the appearance of the nose is improved. In other cases, the procedure aims to bring the function of the nose on the right track. This advanced procedure is performed under the guidance of the cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon. Surgeons have specified the list of features that make a patient a right candidate for the nose job. This includes individuals who have complete development of their facial features, lack of smoking habits, physically healthy, and positive thinking towards improving the overall facial appearance.

Steps of nose job (rhinoplasty):

  1. The surgeon administers the anesthesia to the patient for the proper execution of the surgical procedure.
  2. The procedure is performed as a closed or open type. Some incisions are given in the hidden direction, and other incisions are done in the area present in between the nostrils.
  3. The surgeon might decide to remove or add a portion of cartilage to the nose of the patient, depending on the size and shape of the nose. This ensures that the ultimate goal of performing the procedure is achieved successfully.
  4. If required as per the case of the patient, the septum of the nose is corrected to ensure proper breathing after the completion of the procedure.
  5. After the necessary changes and corrections are done in the procedure, the incisions are closed.
  6. Within a few days after the procedure has completed, the healing of the nose begins successfully in the patient.

The swelling that occurs after the surgery reduces within a few weeks. The complete recovery of the nose takes place in a year. The surgeon recommends the patient to take care of the surgical site till entire healing of the nose occurs. Medications are consumed regularly for timely healing. Plastic surgeons perform result-oriented surgeries to refine the shape of the nose. Thus, rhinoplasty or nose job proves to be highly effective for individuals who are aiming to improve the appearance of their nose for the rest of their lives.

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