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The A-Z Guide of Liver Transplant

July 22, 2019


May be your doctor has suggested you a liver transplant (LTP) but you don’t know what is
this? Why it is for me? How I can prepare myself for a transplant?

We Know that you have too many questions about this procedure and want to learn more
about liver chronic disease and high-end surgery. We also understand that decision of liver
transplant can be confusing time for you and your family.


Let’s reveal the A-Z Guide of Liver Transplant;

  • Not all the liver cirrhosis or long term active infection like hepatitis B or C can
    requires the LTP. Double check about the disease before you plan for it.
  • Patients who required LTP are suffering from liver damage due to excess use of
    alcohol or primary biliary cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis B/C or liver thrombosis I
    mean vein clot or damage and defect of liver or bile ducts by birth or Meta
    disorders associated with liver failure.
  • There are two type of liver transplant all across the world (a) Living donor
    transplant (b) Deceased donor transplant
  • For the confirmation and diagnostic of serious liver disease which requires
    transplant, patients need following medical examination and tests: (a) Blood
    Tests (b) Abdominal ultrasound (c) complete physical examination (d) Heart
    Tests (e) Lung function tests.
  • For LTP patients’ needed a close family member to donate its small piece of liver
    which develop to normal very small span of time.

Donor will also undergo a complete medical evaluation. A donor should have strong
mental status within the age of 18-55 years and willing to donate his/her liver
without any fear or financial settlement and don’t have any medical comorbidities.
Donor required few medical investigation to confirm either he/she can be a donor or
not like; (a) Blood type (b) Cross match (c) HLA testing (d) CT Scan to
assess the volume and fat of liver (e) MRI to assess bile duct.

Donor Blood Group Patient Blood Group
A or O A
B or O B
A, B, AB or O AB
  • After the transplant, patients have to take few medicine like anti-rejection,
    antibiotics and anti-fungal for fast and safe recovery.
  • Usually patient stay in hospital for LTP about 21 days including ICU and donor one
    week to 10 days including ICU.
  • You should take precautions after liver transplant so you have to take support local
    medical assistance company or interpreters for fast and steady recovery. You can
    contact us if you have any doubt or question.
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