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What is Hip Replacement?
Hip replacement or arthroplasty is a surgical procedure in which the damaged parts of the hip joint are removed and then replaced with new artificial parts. These artificial parts are called prosthesis. The main aim of undergoing a hip replacement surgery is to relieve pain, improve the functioning of the hip joint and to increase movement.

Why do people undergo the hip replacement surgery?

For people who undergo hip replacement surgery, the surgery will give you increased mobility, less pain, improvements in activities of daily living and an improved quality of life.

How should one prepare the surgery and recovery?

People can do many things before and after the surgery in order to fasten the recovery and make daily tasks simple.

Before surgery the things you can do are:

  • You should gather a lot of information about the procedure. You should take information from patients, doctors, or you can also contact us to know more about the procedure.
  • You should arrange for someone who can help you in doing your household work for a week or two after you are discharged from the hospital.
  • Transportation needs to be arranged so that you can arrive to and leave from the hospital without any problem.
  • You can set up a recovery station at home. You can keep the radio, TV remote control, medicines, telephone, tissues, wastebasket, glass, pitcher all next to the place where you will be spending most of your time when you are recovering.
  • All the items which you use daily can be kept at an arm’s level.
  • Stock your kitchen supplies, and prepare food in advance such as soups or frozen casseroles as these foodstuffs can be reheated and served.

After surgery the things which you can do:

  • You can work with a physical therapist or a health care professional in order to rehabilitate your hip.
  • You should wear an apron for carrying things around the house. This will leave your hands and arms free to use crutches.
  • You can use a long handled reacher in order to turn the lights or take things which are beyond your arm’s length. You can get this reacher from the hospital, or the staff will tell you from where you can buy one.

Who should go in for a hip resurfacing surgery?

Patients who have severe hip arthritis should undergo a hip resurfacing surgery. Patients who are young, and have had multiple surgeries over a span of time, can undergo hip resurfacing. Studies have not said that hip resurfacing is better for young patients.

What are the complications of the hip resurfacing surgery?

There are a few complications which you should know about the hip resurfacing surgery. No one can say for sure that this surgery is good or worse than the standard hip replacement. The possible complications are:

  • Fracture- there is a risk of fracture of the bone which supports the hip resurfacing implant. So doctors are not sure if the surgery should be performed on any patient.
  • Loosening- Hip resurfacing implants get loose over the period of time. If the implants get loose, then a standard hip replacement will have to be performed.
  • Metal ions- The implants inserted over the body wear out as time passes. Metal implants are used in hip resurfacing, which release metal ions into the body as they wear. The effect of the metal ions in the body is not known, but they can give rise to carcinogenic effects.
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