Side-effects Of Radiation

Side-effects Of Radiation, Doesn’t Have To Be Heard. Learn These 4 Causes.

July 12, 2019


The goal of radiation therapy is to destroy cancer by using high energy waves without hurting healthy cells in the body. But this treatment can cause side effects sooner or later. The effects can be different for everyone depends on the type of radiation one get, how much you get, which part of your body gets treatment, and how healthy you are overall. You cannot predict how radiation therapy can affect you. Some may have few side effects and some very severe ones.

How Soon The Side Effects Can Come? There are two types of side effects: Early and Late. Early effects such as nausea and fatigue that usually don’t last long. These effects may start during the treatment and last for several weeks but eventually get better. The late effects such as lung or heart problem. These side effects may take years to show up and remains permanent when they appear. However, the most common side-effects are skin problems, fatigue, and hair loss, and nausea. What are the other early side effects from Radiation Therapy? Other early side effects depend on where you get the radiation. Some of the early side effects are: –

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