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The 7 Things about Cardiac Causes.

September 17, 2019

heart-blockage Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) is most common procedure for heart blockage in India and havealmost 100% success rate in good hospitals. Before going for CABG, It is mandatory to confirm how many arteries are blockages by Angiography (CAG). I am sharing the most common causes of heart problems but remember some people have by birth heath defect so there is not a particular or known reason for blockage. As per medical sciences, main causes for congenital heart blockage are due to autoimmune disease such as lupus which is reach to a child from his/her mother’s umbilical cord or heart didn’t develop correctly in womb. We will try to find out the causes of heart blockage which developed later in life; 1. During the any type of previous surgery, can be a cause for cardiac defects, as sometimes the electrical system of heart didn’t work properly 2. Arteries are damaged by previous heart attack which can becaused by spasm of a coronary artery. Due to spasm in coronary arteries blood circulation restricted its function to supply blood to the heart. 3. Changes in your genes can also a cause of arterial blockage. 4. Cardiac disease like heart failure or arterial plaque or infection of heart muscles. Heart failu

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