Best Prosthetic Implants in india.

October 28, 2020

Implants, also known as prostheses or implant prostheses, are the artificial
replacements for natural teeth utilized in the absence or loss of the natural teeth.
Several factors are considered at the time of choosing the respective type of implant
prostheses. This includes the amount of hard tissues and soft tissues present around
the area of missing teeth. Different types of dental implants are available in the
present times. The dentist or dental implant specialist recommends the same to the
patients to ensure that the respective type of prostheses suits the patient in the long
Here are some of the most common types of implant prostheses:
 Endosteal implants: These are one of the most commonly advised implant
prostheses. Here, the surgeon places the implants directly in the jawbone. The
appearance of these implants resembles small screws.
 Subperiosteal implants: These dental implants are placed on or above the
jawbone, but not inside the jawbone. The dental implant specialist takes care of
the steps of the procedure to yield the best results.
 Immediate Load Dental Implants: These types of implant prostheses are also
known as same-day implants. In such cases, the surgeon places the temporary
tooth on the same day when the dental implant is placed. This helps the patients
both aesthetically and caters to the required functional aspects of the teeth.
This works best when there is a presence of natural bone.
 Mini Dental Implants (MDIs): Mini Dental Implants are much narrower than the
most common dental implants. Interestingly, the size of these dental implants is
similar to that of the toothpicks. Less-invasive techniques are much useful for
the placement of these dental implants.
 All-on-4 implants: In this type of dental implant, four dental implants are placed
in one arch. The patient needs to take extra care after undergoing this type of
dental implant procedure. This includes following a modified diet until the gum
tissues heal as required. After four to six months, once the healing has
adequately occurred, the patient can get back to the earlier routine as per the
dental implant specialist condition.
Thus, dental implants or implant prostheses prove highly beneficial for the welfare of
the patients who want improvement in their smile and receive the best solution to
the missing teeth. It is essential to consult the dental implant specialist or dentist on
time without delay to avoid deterioration of the patient’s dental status.

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