Mr. Tulkeen, Uzbekistan, Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery.

Mr. Tulkeen Saidov Uzbekistan

was advised by doctors in Uzbekistan to have a deep brain stimulation surgery to implant brain pacemaker so that specific parts of my brain can receive the signals. This was necessary to avoid brain disorder as the pacemaker can control the brain activity. However, for me a worry some factor was that the medical facility for such a crucial surgery in my country was not available and the costs were already too high.

Fortunately, I cam across this website Marlin Safe Med Journey and they helped me out. Just as I submitted an online form at their website, everything went on smoothly for me. I emailed my medical history and top doctors agreed to put me under the surgery. The website told me about the unbelievably low costs of the surgery. The site people arranged for my visa and formalities and came to airport to receive me. They made my stay at the hospital entirely comfortable and the surgeons were top class. I am now extremely fine and enjoying life. Please accept my many thanks for such affordable global medical facilities.

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