Mr. Kasimov Abdulgani, Uzbekistan Cardiac Bypass Surgery.

For our family, my father’s congestive heart disease was a frightening experience as we were not sure of his chances of survival. We had no access to insurance and hence the cost of top USA doctors and hospitals was simply unaffordable to us. Time was running out for us and finding out a reliable treatment within our costs had become our main objective. We surfed the internet and found that most of the highly experienced heart disease doctors and treatments were beyond our reach, while others less costly options were not preferable due to lack of experienced doctors and medical facilities. Then, fortunately for us, we came to know about this website Marlin Safe Med Journey (MSMJ) and we found that the facilities for congestive heart disease treatments were top class and what surprises us the most was that the cost of the treatment.

So, we started the process by contacting the website. A friendly voice on phone requested us to fill an online form with requisite details, which we promptly sent to them and gave a brief description of my father’s medical condition and our estimated cost. After few hours passed, we were asked to email them medical reports for opinion from India’s heart specialists. Soon, we got the news from them that they will treat my father and the cost they told was unbelievably cheap. What surprised and shocked me was that the cost included everything – right from arriving in India, traveling for the treatment, staying and one person could stay with my father in the hospital until the treatment was over.

I experienced no hassles as a case manager had taken care of our air tickets, visa, passport etc. At the airport, the website people received us, eliminating the worries of finding out the hospital location etc. we were directly rushed to the hospital where they had already kept a room booked and all the formalities about admission of my father were promptly completed. This immediately made us comfortable. We came to know that the heart surgeon was in fact, was USA-trained and highly qualified for the surgery. Once the doctors finished with necessary tests, they prepared my father for surgery. The doctors explained in a very friendly way to us every treatment step to our satisfaction.

After the surgery, we had to stay back in India as doctors want to make sure that everything was fine with my father post surgery. My father is now doing very well and is healthy, thanks to the MSMJ and the heart surgeons and all those kind and helping people. You certainly made this surgery possible for us.

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