Mr. Ed Hamlet, USA, Neurosurgery Treatment.

Mr. Ed Hamlet-USA-Neurosurgery-Treatment

I had some disorders, which had an impact on my nervous system, and doctors advised me to go for neurosurgery treatment. However, while standards of surgery here in the USA great, for me, the huge costs of surgery was the issue. My good luck that I was told by one of my friends about the website Marlin Safe Med Journey and surprisingly everything was so convenient thereafter for me. I submitted my medical history documents and got opinions from top Indian doctors. The website came up with unbelievable very cheap costs for such highly skilled job of surgeons.

I must thank to the website people who handle very documents that allow me to visit India for treatment and they received me right at the airport. My stay at the hospital during the surgery period was extremely comfortable and the staff took great care of me.

I have gained back my health and I am in great physical and mental shape and enjoying life since the surgery. My many thanks to the surgeons and great staff people at the hospital.

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