Plastic Surgery in India.

December 12, 2020

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The demand for cosmetic surgery in India has increased manifold over these years. It helps in improving the appearance and receives the desired results in an appreciating manner. These procedures excellent results have led to the rise in the demand for plastic surgery in India. The best plastic surgeons in India are well-known for conducting these surgeries and yield the best possible results.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery in India:

Cosmetic surgery is available for different parts of the body. Each of these cosmetic surgery procedures is specific to particular body parts of the respective individual. Some of the most common cosmetic surgery in India include breast augmentation, hair transplantation, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck. These surgeries are performed with the help of advanced medical tools and technology.

Facial cosmetic surgery:
The best plastic surgeon in India conducts facial cosmetic surgeries based on the patient’s goal. This includes eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, rhytidectomy, brow lift, and chin augmentation.

Breast surgeries:
Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries with massive demand in India and worldwide. Other mammoplasty procedures include breast reduction, breast lift, and male breast reduction.

The main aim of liposuction is to improve the body contour and reduce the excessive fat in certain parts of the body. It is advised to choose this procedure for minor improvements in different parts of the body.

Hair transplantation:
If an individual has low hair growth or reduced hair density on the scalp, then hair transplantation is the recommended procedure in such cases. Depending on the aimed results with the procedure, the surgeon advises the patient for a series of appointments to accomplish the procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery Cost in India:
The cosmetic surgery cost in India varies with the type of procedure, the experience of plastic surgeon in India, and the hospital’s location. The procedure’s cost varies between 1,00,000 INR to 3,00,000 INR depending on the complexity of the case and focused part of the body.

Patients need to understand that choosing the surgeon for cosmetic surgeries in India is the most important step of a successful cosmetic surgery. Also, you need to make sure that surgeon is experienced and has several successful cases in his career. Keep your goals clear concerning the final results associated with the procedure. This will help you keep realistic experiences and avoid being disappointed after the procedure’s completion. Thus, cosmetic surgery in India provides the best results with the respective individual’s appearance improvement

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