Open heart surgery in India

About the Surgery

Open heart surgery in India is a type of procedure where the doctors cut open the patient’s chest and perform surgical procedures on the valves, arteries, or muscles of the heart. Open heart surgery is mainly performed for CABG or coronary artery bypass grafting when the blood vessels offering oxygen and blood to the heart becomes hard and narrow. 

Symptoms for the Surgery

It becomes significant to execute open heart Treatment in India when the doctors found one or more below symptoms in a patient.

Abnormality in the heart rhythms or palpitations
Pain in the chest
Breath shortness
Hand or foot swelling

 often not needed.

Diagnosis before the Surgery

The Open heart surgery Doctors in India suggest the following diagnosis before deciding on the surgical procedures.

ECG or Electrocardiogram
Stress or Workout test
Angiogram or cardiac catheterization

Surgery Options  

The different types of options for Open heart surgery in Delhi are as follows.

Heart valve replacement or repair
Maze surgery
Heart Transplant
CABG or Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Pacemaker or ICD implantation
Repair of Aneurysm
VAD or ventricular Assistance device Insertion
Implantation of TAH or Total Artificial Heart


The various risks present in open-heart surgery are as follows.

Infection due to chest wound
Brain Stroke
Heart Attack
Kidney or lung failure
Inconsistent heartbeat
Fever due to chest pain
Fuzziness or memory loss
Blood loss or clotting
Difficulty in breathing

Success Rate of the Surgery

We at MMA ensure a 90% success rate for patients undergoing open-heart surgery in India. Our medical experts offer them the right assistance to find experienced open-heart surgery doctors in India. Meanwhile, the success rate also depends on the age and health condition of the patients.

Silent Feature
Pre Procedure Preparation
Before getting admitted to the finest open heart surgery Hospitals in India, you need to follow the below procedures.

Inform your doctor about other illness or diseases Stop consumption of alcohol and tobacco before two weeks
Do not take any blood-thinning medicines before one week Never drink or eat anything before operation night
Throughout the Procedure
The best doctors perform the open-heart procedure in the following way.
Removal of healthy vein or artery from the body and connecting it to the heart Repair or replacement of the damaged valve with an artificial one

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