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August 6, 2021

A brain tumor also called a central nervous system, is an abnormal development of cells in and around the brain. When the tumors grow large, they affect the brain functions by pressing the surrounding nerves, blood vessels, and tissues. Always look for brain tumor warning signs to get early treatment. If left unnoticed, it can be a leading cause of cancer-related death especially among children under fourteen.  What are the symptoms of a brain tumor? Sometimes brain tumor symptoms occur while the treatment of another disease is in process. People do not experience any signs before that. A brain tumor presses the nerves or blood vessels and does cause some symptoms in most patients. These signs are different depending on various factors like location, type, and size of the tumor. It is also dependent on the affected brain part. Some brain tumor symptoms and signs are as follows.

  • Severe headaches are the most common symptoms. One can experience severe and continuous headaches in the morning. Sometimes headaches go away after vomiting.

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December 18, 2020

surgical-total-knee-joint-replacement Knee Replacement Surgery is one of the most commonly conducted surgeries in the present times. The number of patients who are recommended for these surgeries is rising at a steady rate. This makes knee replacement surgery significant for several patients across the world. The total number of procedures associated with knee replacement surgery in India has grown over the years. This is due to the rising number of knee problems and constant improvement in medical technology. The best knee replacement surgeons in India recommend knee replacement surgery is advised in some of the specific medical conditions. One of the most common conditions is rheumatoid arthritis. Some other health conditions include hemophilia, gout, knee injury, knee deformity, and unusual bone growth. The best orthopedic hospital in India provides the best quality medical equipments and technology to make every operation a successful one. The most significant advantages of knee replacement surgery include relief from long-term pain in the knees, improved movement-based activities, and better ability to perform ex

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December 12, 2020

Plastic-Surgery-in-India -Best-Plastic-Cosmetic-surgeon The demand for cosmetic surgery in India has increased manifold over these years. It helps in improving the appearance and receives the desired results in an appreciating manner. These procedures excellent results have led to the rise in the demand for plastic surgery in India. The best plastic surgeons in India are well-known for conducting these surgeries and yield the best possible results.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery in India:

Cosmetic surgery is available for different parts of the body. Each of these cosmetic surgery procedures is specific to particular body parts of the respective individual. Some of the most common cosmetic surgery in India include breast augmentation, hair transplantation, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck. These surgeries are performed with the help of advanced medical tools and technology. Facial cosmetic surgery: The best plastic surgeon in India conducts faci

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November 17, 2020

immediate-loading-implants-cost-in-india Dental implants are an excellent alternative for missing natural teeth. There are different types and methods of dental implants available for replacing a patient’s missing teeth. This includes immediate load dental implants, all-on-4 dental implants, single tooth implant, multiple implants, two-stage implants, single stage implant, and mini dental implants (MDIs). Immediate load dental implants is one of the most advanced and least time consuming dental implant procedure. In the current times, there is high demand for immediate loading implants due to the benefits offered to the patients. Advantages of immediate loading of dental implants: Immediate loading implants have several advantages that encourage patients to choose this procedure. Some of these advantages include:  Fast solution: Immediate loading implant procedures are fast-paced and do not make the patient wait for several future appointments.  Appreciating aesthetics: As the procedure is a quicker one than other types of dental implants, most of the patients worry about the appearance of their smile. But these types of dental implants provide an optimal level of aesthetics to the patients. 

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November 17, 2020

root-canal-treatment-in-india Root canal treatment is the treatment of the infected tooth, especially in the root of the tooth. It is one of the most common dental procedures recommended to the patients before going for extraction. An endodontist or general dentist performs this treatment based on the severity of the patient’s case. There are sure signs that indicate the requirement of root canal treatment. It includes tooth sensitivity towards cold or hot food items or beverages, sudden pain during chewing, swollen gums, cracked teeth, and deep decay in the teeth. The root canal specialist follows a set of steps for the successful completion of the procedure. Here are the root canal treatment steps:  In the first appointment of consultation, the dentist will take an X-ray to find the infected tooth’s current status. This will help in confirming the roots affected and the evaluation of the overall tooth. The dentist will inject local anesthesia before the step. This helps to reduce the possible root canal treatment pain, and patients can relax throughout the procedure.  Then, the dentist places the rubber dam, which is a sheet of rubber around the tooth that requires evaluation. This helps in achieving a dr

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November 3, 2020


Lung cancer is one of the cancers that lead to deaths among patients diagnosed with cancer. It is the type of cancer that affects men more as compared to women. Individuals who have a habit of smoking are at high risk of being affected by lung cancer. Other causes of lung cancer include asbestos, air pollution, secondhand smoke, radon gas, and genetics. When an individual is exposed to these factors for a significant time, there are high chances attracting lung cancer. Lung cancer is usually divided into two types. This includes small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. The non-small cell lung cancer is further differentiated into adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and large cell carcinoma. Non-small cell type is much more common than small cell lung cancer. The best cancer hospitals in Delhi ensure that the patients are diagnosed as early as possible to commence of the necessary treatmentto save the patient’s life. When an individual is diagnosed with cancer the first and foremost thought that comes to mind is cancer treatment. India has got some of the best cancer hospitals worldwide which comprise of the best oncologist

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October 28, 2020

Implants-Prosthetic Implants, also known as prostheses or implant prostheses, are the artificial replacements for natural teeth utilized in the absence or loss of the natural teeth. Several factors are considered at the time of choosing the respective type of implant prostheses. This includes the amount of hard tissues and soft tissues present around the area of missing teeth. Different types of dental implants are available in the present times. The dentist or dental implant specialist recommends the same to the patients to ensure that the respective type of prostheses suits the patient in the long term. Here are some of the most common types of implant prostheses:  Endosteal implants: These are one of the most commonly advised implant prostheses. Here, the surgeon places the implants directly in the jawbone. The appearance of these implants resembles small screws.  Subperiosteal implants: These dental implants are placed on or above the jawbone, but not inside the jawbone. The dental implant specialist takes care of the steps of the procedure to yield the best results.  Immediate Load Dental Implants: These types of implant prostheses are also known as same-day implants. In

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October 19, 2020

Penile-Implant-Surgery Penile implants are the devices that are placed inside the penis. They work best for the individuals where other necessary treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED) do not provide the desired results. Penile implants are available in semirigid and inflatable types. These implants are utilized as per the advice of the penile implant surgeons and the patients’ respective cases. Semirigid rods are firm, and the normal functioning of the penis is not hampered in any manner. The segments of this device comprise of springs at each of the ends. Inflatable implants are the most common types of penile implant surgery in Delhi. Penile implant surgery cost in India starts from 1 lakh per procedure and varies after considering several factors. Patients must consider having an open discussion about penile implants costs at the penile implant center. This will help them have transparency regarding several aspects associated with the surgery.   How does a penile implant work? Each of the penile implant types works uniquely and serves the purpose of the procedure. I

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October 14, 2020

Dental Implant Marlin Medical Assistance dental-implant-clinic-in-india

A bright and healthy smile is an asset for every individual. To ensure that one achieves this smile, several dental procedures have proven to provide the desired results for the patients’ welfare. One of these procedures includes a dental implant procedure. Often these procedures are also called dental implant surgery. Dental implants are the advanced artificial solutions available in the form of metal posts or frames. These implants are placed inside the jawbone of the patient, and they adapt to the bone.

    Steps in dental implant procedure:

  • First the damaged or moving tooth is removed from the socket.
  • The grafting is done as per the requirement of the patient.
  • The dental implant is placed in the respective area.
  • The dental implant specialist allows bone growth to occur.
  • Finally, the abutment is placed over the dental implant.

  Benefits of dental implants: Here are some of the top benefits that can be reaped, especially when treated by a renowned dental implant cl

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June 17, 2020

Ileostomy is a surgical procedure where the doctor removes the damaged part of the ileum. This leads to the formation of the opening in this area. The primary purpose of the procedure is to remove the respective waste from the body. The stool is allowed to pass through the opening, also known as a stoma. Then the stool gets collected in the external collection device. Often, ileostomy and colostomy are considered similar to each other. But, in reality, ileostomy is related to the small intestine and colostomy is associated with the large intestine. Types of Ileostomy:

There are mainly two types of ileostomy:

1. Standard Ileostomy:

This is the most common type of ileostomy. The end part of the ileum is focused here. The ileostomy bulges out up to 2.5 cm that is evident after the procedure is completed.

2. Continent Ileostomy:

This type of ileostomy is performed less when compared to the standard one. Here, the catheter is used to drain out the waste from the patient’s body. Stoma reversal surgery is performed under the expertise of the surgeons. Here, the surgeon rejoins the stoma with the colon or small bowel depending on the earlier procedure perfor

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