Life-saving Tips About Child Heart problem.

October 12, 2019

Life-saving Tips About Child Heart problem

Recently I have get a call from Mr. Hainik living in Algeria, asking that my 6 months baby boy is
having hole in his heart which is called by doctor Atrial septal defect. I would like to know is there
any another approach to close the opening without having open heart surgical procedure. Can ASD/
VSD closure can be done just by medical management?

An atrial septal deformity is a hole in heart which separates the two upper chambers medically
called as the right atrium and left atrium. We can see the hole in the different part of the septum.
Now a days doctors are practicing to close the hole without the open heart surgery but it’s totally
depend on the location of the hole in heart. The hole in secundum artrial septal and patent foramen
ovale (PFO) can be close without the surgical procedure. This procedure is done in the cardiac
catheterization lab without surgery. But we have to know that all the atrial defect in the child can’t
handle without the surgery.
The Non-surgical procedure to close the hole of heart is by implanting a device into the hole to "plug
it up" from inside the heart. This is practiced by passing a little tube (catheter) from a vein situated in
the crotch and up into the heart. The methodology is performed in the Cath-Lab and doesn't require
open heart procedure. Many medical devices are available for this procedure and the results of this
procedure have been similar to surgical results. By and large, surgical and non-surgical both the
procedure are successful and have low risk. While surgical procedure will little long time in recovery
and left a wound mark. The Cath-Lab procedure is comparatively new and the long-term results are
not yet recorded but it looks to be as excellent as ASD/VSD surgery.

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