Kidney Transplant India

Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney transplant surgery in India with the support of Marlin Medical Assistance, can be accessible at high caliber hospitals in India. The medical facilities that are chosen are certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI) for partnerships. The hospitals also work in cooperation with medical facilities in the US such as Harvard Medical International, and John Hopkins in order to achieve the excellence in medical care in India. The medically educated case managers are trained to facilitate your treatment with a personal approach.

Kidney transplant surgery in India in short:
  • You will get treatment from JCI accredited hospitals with highly experienced surgeons.
  • Treatment in India is highly cost saving.
  • The medical supervision and length of stay in the hospital and will be much longer than in the US that you will recover well.
  • English is the second official language in India. So there will not be any communication gap, and you will be able to speak well with the doctors.
Cost of kidney transplant

Marlin Safe Med Journey will reduce the waiting time for you to get a kidney, but it will also reduce the cost of kidney transplant. In the US, the cost can be $150,000 for kidney transplant, whereas in India it will be around $20,000.

Preparations for Kidney Transplant before you leave home

Before you leave US, you have to get all the records of the recipient. You should first know what those records are. Your records will allow the surgeons to qualify you medically. The records of the donor have also to be brought along. The donor has to be closely related to the recipient, this is the most important requirement. The medical requirements are the donor should be between 18 and 55 years old. He should have the matching blood group. More medical requirements will be discussed with the doctor. The recipient as well as the donor will have to go through extensive testing before they leave home. You will be guided by Marlin Safe Med Journey about all the tests which need to be done. Apart from the medical tests, there are also many legalities which you will have to fulfill. Marlin Safe Med Journey will help you in collecting the correct paperwork

Preparation for the Kidney Transplant

When you arrive, you and your donor will have to go through further testing. You will also receive a special diet which will strengthen you for your surgery. You should know that the kidney surgery is of high risk, and you will need your strength for it.

Kidney transplant surgery

The surgery is a complex process. After the surgery, you and your donor will be in separate ICU’s. The recipient will have to spend some days there. The donor will be moved to a regular hospital room quicker.

Recovery of Kidney Transplant

You may have to spend few weeks at the hospital depending on the health condition. All the arrangements will be made by Marlin Safe Med Journey.

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