Immediate loading Implants India.

November 17, 2020


Dental implants are an excellent alternative for missing natural teeth. There are different types and methods of dental implants available for replacing a
patient’s missing teeth. This includes immediate load dental implants, all-on-4 dental implants, single tooth implant, multiple implants, two-stage implants, single stage implant, and mini dental implants (MDIs). Immediate load dental implants is one of the most advanced and least time consuming dental implant procedure. In the current times, there is high demand for immediate loading implants due to the benefits offered to the patients. Advantages of immediate loading of dental implants: Immediate loading implants have several advantages that encourage patients
to choose this procedure. Some of these advantages include:
 Fast solution: Immediate loading implant procedures are fast-paced and do not make the patient wait for several future appointments.
 Appreciating aesthetics: As the procedure is a quicker one than other types of dental implants, most of the patients worry about the appearance of their smile. But these types of dental implants provide an optimal level
of aesthetics to the patients.
 Simplified procedure: Patients undergo the procedure in a simplified manner. This helps patients worry less than the traditional type ofprocedure.
 Increased patient satisfaction: Patients opting for this procedure are satisfied with the results achieved at the end of the procedure. This is also combined with the experience throughout the procedure.
Immediate loading implants procedure:
1. First, the dentist extracts the damaged or affected teeth. It is essential to ensure that the adjacent is not affected during the extraction procedure.
2. The dentist places the dental implant and surrounds it with the required amount of bone graft material.
3. The temporary abutment and crown are attached to the dental implant. A screw is also placed in between to make sure that the implant does not get displaced from its location.
4. The dentist takes care that the temporary crown placed is shorter as compared to the adjacent ones. This avoids the dental implant-based tooth’s direct contact with the opposite tooth during a bite or talking. On an average, immediate loading of dental implants. . This varies with the expertise of dental implant specialist, location and popularity of the clinic or hospital and type of implant.

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