Heart Bypass Surgery India


Heart Bypass Surgery

Heart Bypass Surgery (CABG) is a surgical procedure performed to treat clogged parts of the arteries. It ensures a smooth flow of blood from and to the heart. Thousands of people visit India every year to get Heart Bypass surgery done in India. CABG is performed with a 98% success rate in India, which is better than in many advanced countries.

India is becoming the favorite destination for getting CABG done because of the perfect combination of world-class healthcare at almost one-third of prices. The high success rate of CABG with world-famous Indian hospitality makes decision-making easy for every heart patient.

Types of CABG Surgeries performed in India


This is recommended for elderly patients having more co-morbid conditions. It is more complicated than conventional CABG.

CABG – High Risk

It is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a part of an artery or the vein and replacing it with a vein from other body parts.

Minimally Invasive CABG

It is one of the most advanced methods of performing CABG. It has numerous advantages over traditional techniques. In this technique, a small incision of 4cm is made through which surgery is performed. It has several advantages over conventional methods like early recovery, less blood loss, etc. It is an ideal option for older patients or patients having multiple ailments.

Some of the renowned hospitals in Delhi, where you can get this procedure performed are highlighted below:

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute

It is one of the oldest and most prestigious hospitals in Delhi. It is the pioneer bringing many technologies to India. It has the largest and most proficient team of cardiac surgeons in the world. They have treated more than 70,000 patients in the last two decades. It is the largest private cardiac hospital in the Asia Pacific Region.

Max Health Care

Max has been at the forefront of providing world-class healthcare in Delhi. Max Health Care is equipped with the latest technology to provide cardiac treatment to their patients. They perform various complicated surgeries like CABG, Pacemaker implant, ACD, CRT, Heart Hole surgeries (ASD, VSD, PDA), Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, Angioplasty/Angiography, etc. They also perform a heart transplant in the rarest of rare cases.

Medanta – The Medicity Hospital

It is established in 2009 by the renowned Cardiovascular and Cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Naresh Trehan; Medanta is known for excellent results in Cardio care. The hospital is equipped with the latest technology like 3.0 Tesla MRI, Da Vinci surgical system, etc. It is the first hospital in the country that conducted robotic surgeries in cardiology.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

It is the 6th Best Private Hospital in India for Cardiology, according to a survey conducted by The Week in 2013. Cardiology team achieved an astounding 99.6% success rate in cardiac bypass surgeries, amongst which 91% were beating heart surgeries. Apollo Hospitals have performed more than 1,52,000 cardiac surgeries, including complicated CABG, medicine for all types of valvular heart disease infant and neonatal cardiac surgeries – with success rates comparable to international standards.

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