Gallbladder cancer treatment in India

gallbladder cancer treatment in india 
Gallbladder Cancer

About the Disease

As one of the types of cancers, gallbladder cancer starts from the gallbladder and infects the entire body. Abnormal growth of cells in the gallbladder causes this disease that can be cured if diagnosed at the early stage. Patients can easily find top-class gallbladder cancer treatment in India.

Symptoms of Disease

Some of the common symptoms of gallbladder cancer that the majority of patients experience are as follows.

  •         Bloating in the abdomen
  •         Pain in abdomen
  •         Sudden weight loss
  •         White-eyes
  •         Yellow skin

Diagnosis of Disease

The best gallbladder cancer doctor in India uses various techniques to diagnose gallbladder cancer. Some of these are;

  •         Blood test
  •         Imaging test
  •         CT scan
  •         MRI
  •         Exploratory surgery
  •         Analyzing bile ducts

Treatment Options

Patients searching for gallbladder cancer treatment may opt from any of the following treatments based on their health condition, stage of their disease, etc.

  •         Surgery
  •         Chemotherapy
  •         Radiation therapy
  •         Targeted drug therapy
  •         Immunotherapy


Many risk factors cause gallbladder cancer. Some of these factors are;

  •         Gallstones
  •         Porcelain gallbladder
  •         Obesity
  •         Gender (Female)
  •         Older age
  •         Choledochal cysts
  •         Abnormal bile ducts
  •         Typhoid
  •         Family history

Success Rate of Treatment

We at MMA ensure a 90% success rate of gallbladder cancer treatment by helping patients in finding the best gallbladder cancer treatment hospitals in India. Meanwhile, the success rate largely depends on the actual health condition of patients and also the stage of their disease.

Silent Feature

Pre Procedure Preparation

Patients undergoing gallbladder cancer treatment in Delhi need to follow all required things that are as follows.

  •         Follow all the instructions provided by doctors
  •         Don’t consume food 4 hours before surgery
  •         Drink liquids 2 hours before surgery
  •         Take a shower with the use of antibacterial soap
  •         Don’t shave off the surgical area

Throughout Procedure

Gallbladder cancer treatment hospital in India implements the following practices for treatment.

  •         Staging laparoscopy
  •         Cholecystectomy (Open or laparoscopic)
  •         Surgical biliary bypass
  •         Endoscopic stent
  •         Transhepatic biliary drainage 
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