covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

April 8, 2020


Coronavirus infection, now popularly known as COVID 19, is spreading at a rapid rate since the last few months. The virus responsible for causing the infection is the coronavirus. The origin of this infection is considered to the Wuhan city in China. From the city, the coronavirus outbreak has spread immensely to more than 110 countries across the world and affected individuals throughout different parts of the country. Till now, it is recorded that in India alone, the Covid-19 cases are more than 600 patients. The number of patients who have died has crossed 10. So, its important to understand the basics of this infection and take the right measures accordingly. The coronavirus infection spreads with the help of certain ways. These methods of infection transfer include sneezing, coughing, direct contact, touching of contaminated objects. Along with this, the mass gathering is the most common way to attract COVID-19 infection. One must practice next-level care to avoid drawing the coronavirus infection from any of these ways.

The symptoms of Covid-19 infection are evident within 2-14 days after being affected by the coronavirus. Therefore, one must keep a note of the most commonly found symptoms in the patients. This includes fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, and shortness of breath. Fever temperature must be taken care of in the right manner to avoid a lack of detection and required measures for the same. Along with these symptoms, one also needs to keep the emergency symptoms in mind to take the right step when such a situation arrives. Such symptoms include troubled breathing, constant pain, and feeling pressure in the chest along with the change of the color of lips or face towards the bluish shade. These symptoms are visible only after the patient is affected with coronavirus pandemic. As the infection has started spreading across the borders of China and occurred in other countries at the same time, it is declared as a pandemic.

The rapid spreading of the infection has made the entire scenario much challenging than ever before, thus leading to a lockdown in several countries, including India. The government authorities have come up with the prevention measure of lockdown. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, has taken an innovative and useful step to deal with these challenging times. It is expected that social distancing will prevent in spreading of the infection from the infected patients to vulnerable individuals. The countries that had a high number of occurrences of the cases found the social distancing measure a very effective way to stop the rise in the coronavirus infection. Certain helplines are now introduced to receive useful coronavirus infection and understand the coronavirus facts. The experts also ensure that the individuals are educated regarding coronavirus myths, thus preventing the spread of wrong information about this infection.

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