Blood Cancer treatment in India

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About the Disease

Blood cancer is also known as a malignancy that tends to affect blood cells, lymphatic, bone marrow, etc. It adversely impacts the production of the blood cells and also their function. One can easily find blood cancer treatment in India.

Symptoms of Disease

Patients who are suffering from blood cancer may experience the following common symptoms.

  •         Patients may be infected frequently
  •         Cough, chest pain
  •         Night sweats
  •         Rash or itchy skin
  •         Shorten breath

Diagnosis of Disease

The best blood cancer hospital in India can use the following techniques for diagnosing blood cancer.

  •         Blood test
  •         Physical exam
  •         Bone marrow exam
  •         Lymph node removal
  •         Image testing

Treatment Options

Doctors can use either of the following technologies for Leukemia blood cancer treatment in India for those patients who are suffering from blood cancer.

  •         Bone marrow transplantation
  •         Biological therapy for cancer-killing
  •         Chemotherapy
  •         Radiation therapy


There are numerous factors that cause blood cancer. Some of these factors are following.

  •         Radiation exposure
  •         Smoking
  •         Chemical exposure
  •         Genetic

Success Rate of Treatment

At Marlin Medical Assistance, we assure a 90% success rate for those patients who are suffering from blood cancer by letting them find the best blood cancer treatment hospital in India and certified doctors for treatment. Meanwhile, the success rate of blood cancer treatment in India also depends on the stage of disease patients are suffering from.

Silent Feature

Pre Procedure Preparation

Patients who are going for the best treatment for blood cancer in India can prepare themselves in the following ways;

  •         Know all restrictions related to pre-appointments
  •         Not any symptoms that you experience
  •         Get a complete list of all medications
  •         Take a family member or friends along with you while going for treatment

Throughout Procedure

The best blood cancer hospital in India follows the below procedure for curing patients who are suffering from this disease. 


  •         Injection (or through pills) of anticancer medicines to patients to stop production of cancerous cells

Radiation Therapy

  •         In this, high-energy rays for killing those cancerous cells.
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