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Otolaryngology is one of the top medical specialties serving several patients across the world with their ENT problems. Therefore, doctors specializing in the field of otolaryngology are also known as ENT specialists. These specialists have expertise in medicine and surgery. Patients with problems in their ear, nose, throat must consult an experienced ENT specialist to receive timely consultation and go ahead with the right treatment to cure their health problems. The best ENT surgeons ensure that patients get rid of their health problems and avoid issues related to the ear, nose, throat in the future.


Dr. Shashidhar TB is one of the top ENT specialists in Delhi. He is the current head of the ENT department at Artemis Hospitals. It is one of the best ENT surgery hospitals in India. The ENT surgeon completed MBBS from Madras Medical School, MS (ENT) from Lady Hardinge Medical College. It is followed by specific top certifications, which include USMLE and ECFMG certifications. Dr. Shashidhar specializes in pediatric otolaryngology, sleep and airway surgery, phono surgery, head, and neck oncosurgery. He is also a member of different committees, including the Association Pediatric Otolaryngologist India, Indian Sleep Surgeons Association, Laryngology and Voice Association, and Association of Otolaryngologists of different states and India. His knowledge, skills, and experience in his field of expertise have helped him serve patients with ENT problems. He has successfully treated several patients diagnosed and treated on time with the recommended ear, nose, throat treatment, and surgery.


Dr. Shashidhar performs complex surgical procedures to yield the best results from the respective procedures. This includes airway reconstruction procedures, ENT surgeries, and sleep endoscopy. Dr. Shashidhar is the best ENT surgeon in India who introduced pediatric balloon laryngoplasty, along with LTR combined with alar grafting in India. He has been awarded with some of the top medical awards and honors, including the Medical Excellence Award in the year 2014 and honored at Faculty ISSA sleep surgery conference, Hyderabad in the year 2013. Dr. Shashidhar has also won prestigious Delhi as well as national level ENT residents quiz. He was also announced as the winner of the Medimind medical quiz. In this way, he ensures that he keeps upgrading his knowledge from time to time. Thus, Dr. Shashidhar TB has successfully achieved laurels in the ENT specialty of medicine and helped several patients get treated leading to reviving back to a healthy life.


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