23-year-old Arshad Gets New Life Via Heart Transplant at Manipal Hospital.

November 21, 2019

Manipal Hospitals Bangalore surgically operated a trailblazing heart transplant to give a spark new of life to 23-year-old, Arshad who was identified with a congenital heart defect at the age of three. The surgery was executed by Dr.Devananda a long with a multi-disciplinary team of doctorsi.e Dr. MuraliKrishna, Dr. Lalchand Bandagi and Dr. Ramesh who hung tough to save the life of young Arshad.Arshad was born with a grave and exceptional heart condition known as Transposition of Great Arteries (TGA), which occurs in 3 percent of all congenital heart defects, and about two-thirds of the cases are related with boys.In TGA, two main arteries carrying blood from the heart to the lungs and body are not connected as they should be and are in reversed position. Ideally, such children need corrective surgery within the first 6 weeks of life. However, in his case, it remained undetected until he attained the age of 3 years. Hence, he was put through a palliative Operative at Chennai. Due to unfortunate complications,
he developed viral Infection of the heart making his left ventricle (main pumping chamber) weak which made many surgeons refuse to perform further palliative surgeries.Speaking about the case, Dr. Devananda N S, said, “Arshad has been consulting with us from 2011 when he was just 14 years old. He had severe infection coupled with difficulties due to which the left side of his heart was weak. After crucial examination, we decided to perform the modification of Sennings Operation. As the right ventricle was executing better, we decided to increase the load on the Right Ventricle. After the surgery, his right ventricle started pumping blood to the aorta with which the condition of the patient improved but we were not sure for how long he could sustain.”
The operation brought the benefit and the patient was vigorous in health and enhanced in academics too. He was in pink of his health and savored cycling as well. After completing his schooling and PUC, he embarked on his Engineering studies. However, during his re-examination visit to the Hospital, Dr. Devananda observed that  Arshad’s heart was deteriorating. Further investigations and medical reports confirmed his doubts. It was decided that a heart transplant was the only viable option. Speaking after the success of Heart transplant, Dr. Devananda N S, said
“The task of operating on a boy who has already undergone two surgeries earlier was quite challenging. This was an emotional journey for the team as we have been associated with the case for 8 long years. However, a multidisciplinary approach, proper planning for the transplant and a focused and dedicated team effort paved the way for a successful heart transplant. In fact, we had to reverse various procedures that were done previously and to many modifications to fit the normal heart. Sincere efforts put in by our doctors, reliable and expert
nursing staff, anesthetists gave new lease of life to the boy and he has been discharged on 10th-day post the surgery and was administered Immunosuppression medicine and has recovered well.”Sharing his experience, Arshad said, “I have no words to thank Dr. Devananda and the entire team of Manipal Hospitals who have been rock-solid support to me and my family. Ever since I was 14-year-old, they have been taking care of me. I am feeling quite healthy and have resumed a normal routine. My heartfelt gratitude to Manipal Hospitals and most importantly to the donor’s family who has given me a new lease of life. I would like to take this opportunity and highlight the need and importance of Organ Donation and urge people to come forward without hesitation and pledge for this Nobel cause.”

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